The ultimate partnership. Father and son.

Willy Wilshaw founded Wilshaw  Engineering in 1988. Since the companies inception, Wilshaws has been a leading engineering consultancy to the mining and mineral processing industry. Founded on world class engineering rigor and family values, Willy now runs the business with his son, Noel. Both of them graduated from the WA School of Mines in Kalgoorlie. Willy started studying at WASM in 1967 when the school had just started  expanding .

Willy had studied part-time and worked in Kambalda before his biggest career highlight;  jumping from workshop  manager to the chief engineer’s position in the engineering drawing offices  in Kambalda;  from which he gained the skills to form Wilshaw engineering.

Noel’s experience at the School of Mines was quite similar to his father’s. He originally wanted to do pharmacy but later found himself impressed by  some miners and decided to become a mining engineer. Noel had a great sense of achievement when he finished studying at the School of Mines, and always had the ambition to get involved in the family business; however, Willy found him distracted much of the time. With little experience, Noel didn’t know what the core business was, particularly with the underground infrastructure work. Noel worked for 12 years as a miner and mining engineer working his way to a  GM role onsite before he had the conversation with his family about his desires to grow the family business. After being knocked back once before he came back with a sales pitch Willy couldn’t refuse. After lots of convincing, Willy wrote him a job description and Noel started work.

Their close and strong family relationship is a considerable factor to their success of the business.

As for the succession planning they are working on it. Willy’s current role is giving advice regarding engineering drawings, designs, and calculations to get the work done to their clients at reasonable cost whilst Noel takes care of the day to day operations.

Both Willy and Noel have played instrumental roles in the guidance, mentoring and inspiration of countless mining professionals – and for that we tip our hats to you both.

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